We’ve Moved!

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Since my last post, life has been crazy crazy! Owen and I moved…and so did my blog! I started a business, Dream in Vintage Workshop, and it is taking up all of my time, but in a good way!

I am still blogging, but I will be blogging on that website instead of this one. I love SexyCatWoman.com, but aside from cats, my passions lie in arts and teaching arts/crafts. I figured…Owen and blogging about Owen aren’t making me money (as a matter of fact, he is a furry money drain), but the artist in me can.

I bought the dreaminvintage.com domain about a year ago and at first was going to use it to sell second-hand items, but that never happened. So I have had the domain since then and have done nothing with it until last month! I have always wanted to start a business and do something creative. I had mentioned the idea of doing wineglass painting events with the owners of Piquant at their restaurant and they LOVED the idea! I had my first event last weekend and it was a major hit! What better way could one spend an afternoon, other than drinking wine, eating decadent appetizers, deserts and painting? I can’t think of a better way…can you?

Please, keep up with me and Owen and subscribe to my blog at DreamInVintage.com Just because I moved, doesn’t mean we still can’t be friends :-)

Keep up with me even more and attend my next class, Holiday Dazzle | Wineglass Painting with Beads at Piquant! It is Sunday, Dec. 8th from 3:30-5:30. You really don’t want to miss the chance to come because I do cap out my classes at 20 people!

Will I be doing this every month, probably not, but I am also available to do home parties or I could even do a team-building event for your office! Need some creative inspiration, call on Dream in Vintage Workshop! Even Owen is a fan…see you soon!

Christen a.k.a Sexy Cat Woman a.k.a Owner, Dream In Vintage Workshop



I am 32 and Feeling Blue…

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I had a pretty amazing birthday weekend! My wonderful sister took me to the beach for four days and three nights. Some friends joined us for the party and festivities…basking in the sun, but now, it is over.
Now, my pity party begins.

Last year, I was Thirty, Flirty and Thriving. If this is your first time reading my blog, start there, get to know the positive me and forget that you clicked on this link…because this year, I am Thirty-Two and Feeling Blue.

Last week, as I was getting my biometrics screening done at work, the nurse asked me, “How old are you?” I reluctantly replied, “I’m thirty-two. It feels weird saying that.” Yes, my response exactly.

Ladies, it was the same feeling you would feel if a hot guy caught you tweezing a hair from your chin (not that I know this from personal experience) or that gut wrenching feeling after you have drunk dialed someone you shouldn’t have (thank God this hasn’t happened in some time)…that moment of realization that you can’t take back the event that has just occurred…it is a real-time catastrophe that is your current reality…I am 32!!

My older, sexy and beautiful friends, please do not be annoyed with me. I’m sure you can remember when your one, white hair plagued the rest of your head. It is like that single hair recruited an army of others and said, “If you are coarse, thick and prefer to be exposed, follow me!” Yes, my hairs talk to each other. Damn them!

Ok, venting has made me feel better :) Thanks for listening to my woes. If aging has taught me anything, it has taught me that it is never a good thing to bottle up negative feelings, they will just age you further :-)

On a positive note, I am super excited to be closing on my house this week! Despite my recent tragedy, I do realize that I have a lot going for me. Not everyone my age is a Sexy Cat Woman, Panamanian Homeowner. As a matter of fact, a very small percentage of the population can claim that desired title. I am truly blessed :-)
This brings me to this week’s list…listing the things that I am grateful for. I obviously have not done this list yet, hence why I am blue, haha! I will share it later on this week with pictures of my new home! So stay tuned…<3 tessasuzygeneandi

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Moving Beyond Fear in Charleston

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This past weekend, I got back from South Carolina after being gone for two weeks for work. Thankfully, I am on vacation this week and have been packing for my move and simultaneously preparing for my birthday weekend at the beach. I can’t believe I am going to be 26 (plus 6)…how time flies.

All in all, South Carolina was an interesting experience. I love traveling, so I was excited to go, but almost hesitant at the same time. There were a few things I feared…I feared the exhaustion of training for two weeks straight, I feared not clicking with the group that I was training, I feared technical issues with computers and projectors that would interfere with learning, I feared the strangeness of visiting Charleston by myself, I feared getting into an accident with my rental…and most of all, I feared coming home to a pile of Owen poop on my bed as a form of punishment for leaving him (Once, I actually crawled into bed with his poop after getting home from a late flight. Lesson: Always turn the lights on and look at the bed before getting into it).

I will have you know, that none of the above happened, with the exception of a few technical issues. As a matter of fact, it was quite the opposite of everything I feared. I have come to learn that the things I fear, rarely ever play out in real life as they play out in my head. I have a huge imagination that can serve me at times, and contrarily, impede me. It was refreshing to train a group of people that were super motivated and excited about their futures with our company. I was glad to be able to be myself, have fun with them and know that I was having an impact. When I came home, Owen was happy to see me and my bed remained clean. Despite Owen’s alleged autism, he and my sister bonded and he was loving to her in my absence. Owen is a one human kind of cat, so she saw an affectionate, personable side of him that he usually only shows me. Hooray to Owen and to me for embracing change!

Also, I got the chance to drive out to Charleston last Saturday, which I had been dying to visit for the longest time. This, in itself, was an experience.

I had never visited a place like that by myself, but I enjoyed every second of it! I was able to do what I wanted, when I wanted, without having to worry about someone else’s amusement. Selfish? Perhaps, but not many men I know would have enjoyed a full day of touring historic colonial homes and art galleries, examining everything in great detail and taking lots pictures of houses. It was a grand time for me! Two times on this trip, I requested a table for one. While in Charleston, I dined at Bocci’s Italian Restaurant. For a moment, I was feeling a little lonely, but then I looked over to my left and saw a young, married couple dining at the table next to me. For a slight second, I felt a little envious of their romantic visit to Charleston, but after noticing that they barely said two words to each other over their entire meal, I didn’t feel so bad. My table of one felt more warm and the conversation I was having with myself, in my head, was much more amusing!

I thought about Mike and when we were in Europe and what a different trip that would have been had I been alone. Not that I would have wanted it any other way, but my Parisian tour would have deviated slightly. For instance, I would have visited EVERY landmark where Audrey Hepburn filmed a scene in a movie! “Visit” is a slight understatement. I would have walked in her steps, pranced down the stairs in the Louvre near The Winged Victory of Samothrace, just like in Funny Face! I would have run with a bunch of balloons like a lunatic near and around the Arc de Triomphe…everywhere she shot a scene, in the same way she shot it! Meanwhile, Mike probably would have shot himself…or drank heavily until it was all over. Needless to say, after traveling alone, I have a changed perspective.

I have been somewhat enlightened and I think that it is important that I experience more things on my own. I need to start pushing myself not only to do the things I fear, but the seemingly impossible (see this week’s list below of my goals). In a couple of weeks, I will be moving into my new home, by myself. The one thing I fear most is being mentally overtaken at the sight of a huge, meaty roach, and not having the courage to kill it. I must find a way to crush this fear of crushing roaches. Aside from prayer and relying on Owen, any other suggestions?

Here are some pictures from my trip to Charleston. Due to photography restrictions, I was not able to get pictures of everything, but here are a few. If you have never visited Charleston, I suggest you do! It is one of the most charming places I’ve visited in the U.S, not to mention, a fairly easy drive for those of us in Florida. I am planning a second trip in the near future. I think before Christmas would be ideal, and scenically stunning!

The beginning of my trip, a carriage ride that I later felt guilty for taking. Those poor horses.
The beginning of my trip, a carriage ride that I later felt guilty for taking. Those poor horses.
A quaint soap shop.
A quaint soap shop.

A former slave house.
A former slave house.

One of the oldest, original liquor stores in the U.S. An alcoholic's sightseeing dream!
One of the oldest, original liquor stores in the U.S. An alcoholic’s sightseeing dream!

Battery Park
Battery Park
Beautiful piazzas
Beautiful piazzas

The Heyward Washington House
The Heyward Washington House

The Dock Street Theatre, America's first building for theatrical performances.
The Dock Street Theatre, America’s first building for theatrical performances.

Imported cobblestone streets.
Imported cobblestone streets.


Am I in France?  At Goat . Sheep . Cow
Am I in France?
At goat. sheep. cow.


The Calhoun Mansion.
The Calhoun Mansion.
and the owner's cat...
and the owner’s cat…
Two Meeting Street Inn, my dream home!
Two Meeting Street Inn, my dream home!
May I achieve my goals, with the help of magical, sparkly dust!
May I achieve my goals, with the help of magical, sparkly dust!


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If I finish writing this post in half an hour or less, I will add “that” to this week’s list…

I am probably almost 2 weeks behind, but I have been super busy with my life! I know, I know, excuses excuses, but I kid you not! As I mentioned in my last post, work has been hectic and this house buying experience has been its own stress gorilla. I mentioned feeling at peace with my decision to purchase. At the time, I was swaying between feelings of regret and a feeling that everything was going to work out. So I kept moving forward, trusting that all was going to turn out fine in the end, but meanwhile feeling this gnawing sensation in my gut that I was making a mistake. As I get older and wiser, I am learning not to ignore this feeling…and so I didn’t. I backed out of my contract.

God doesn’t always give us what we want, but he does give us guidance and he gives us intuition about things. I decided to keep looking as I felt something better was around the corner. I was right…I found the perfect house for me that is more affordable, has character, and gives me the opportunity to fix it up to my own liking. Here is a picture of it through my car window in the rain…

I love this house and am super excited to move in and start decorating, but sadly, sometimes I feel a void. In the timeline of my life that was created many years ago, I was supposed to be married by now…to a man with a nice, cut back, who cooks me dinner every night and massages me daily…by now, I was supposed to have taken my 3 year old to Disney World for the first time, on my own time, because I am my own boss and my business is finally yielding a steady income…and the list continues.
It is easy to get caught up in the possibilities of what could be, instead of being thankful and proud of where we are now. It is easy to get down on ourselves, instead of looking at everything we have accomplished in our lives, by our own hand or by God’s hand. This week’s list, List the Things You Are Proud of, came in handy and forced me to think of everything I have been blessed with. Interestingly, a few of the things I am most proud of are things that were unforeseen in that moment. I am left to anticipate what is in store for my future and what blessings are to come.

Melissa’s birthday present from me. Proud to have Melissa in my life and proud of my ability to gift her a custom-made painting, by moi!
week 3 copy


My Name Is Christen and I’m a Pinterestholic.

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I have some real serious issues. Physically, I’m well. I got my ultrasound and mammogram results from Moffitt and my lump IS fluid filled, I confirmed. Thank you, Jesus!

So what is my problem? My problem is a form of internet addiction, like what the burnout kids with gaming addiction suffer with. I’m what the Japanese would refer to as an “otuko”, but my addiction is only with Pinterest. I am ashamed to say how long I have been on Pinterest this evening…I won’t say.
However, I will say that it is one of my greatest comforts. After a long, stressful day, there is nothing like mindless pinning over a glass of wine, preferably pinot…I refer to the activity as Pinot-Pinning.

The month of July is going to be one crazy, eventful month. I have been prepping for a 6 day class coming up next week, closing on my NEW HOME on the 26th (this has been an emotional roller coaster) packing, going to SC to train our new branch employees for two weeks leaving on the 29th and then moving into Mansion de Christen on the 11th of August. It is no wonder that Pinot-Pinning has taken over my life! I think I am going to start a Pinot-Pinning board of all the things I pin under the influence. This should be interesting…

Prayer has also been my comfort. I was unsure if I had made the right decision about the purchase of my new home, not sure if I had the money to close and actually more fearful than anything else to let go of so much money that has given me a cushion of security for so long. “God works in mysterious ways” is certainly not a cliché. I finally feel at peace with the decision I made to purchase. Prayer really does work!

I am posting last week’s list, half a week late, but week 2 is listing your greatest comforts. See my last post to get more information on project 52 Lists from Morean Seal’s blog. Ironically, I forgot to add “list-making” to my list as the making of my last two lists were very comforting. We all have our sources of comfort, some good (praying) and some not so good (drinking and pinning) but as you write your list, be honest and list all of your comforts. This exercise WILL bring more self-awareness than the last!

Here is my list of the things that comfort my soul.
Also, feel free to follow me on Pinterest so that I may share with you the oh so fabulous pins that call my attention more than sleep. Happy List-Making and Happy Pinning!



The Comfort of Lists

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Lists…they keep me organized, relieve the stress of needing to remember things and give me a sense of accomplishment. I make a “to do” list everyday, especially first thing in the morning within minutes of getting to work. I even update it throughout the day, not in a constructive, rational way, but in an OCD, senseless way…by adding things to my list that I have completed, things I did not add earlier that day, that deserve to be listed…then I scratch them off…but with one line, so that I can visually see the completion of the already completed task.
Did you know that crazy is the new sexy?

Last night, I did a different type of list. A list of all the words that touch my soul and bring me joy.
There is a blog that I follow by Jewelry Designer, Moorea Seal, moorea-seal.com, and she started the 52 List Project back in January. I love the concept! It is like journaling, but instead of writing thoughts in meaningful sentences, listing your ideas. So she is on week 21 currently, but I decided to start with week one and I encourage that you follow me doing one list a week. It will be a fun and insightful journey of self-discovery and reflection.

Before I began my list of touching words last night, I was thinking about today, right now. Motivated by a friend and coworker who is currently being treated for breast cancer (see her blog at PinklemonsandRainbows.com) I decided to get a second mammogram and ultrasound on a cyst I have had since January. This was weighing heavy on my mind last night, thinking about my mom and the possible future for my sister and I. However, as I started writing down words that comfort me, I found my mind at ease. The mind has no room for anguish when it is filled with thoughts and words that bring peace.

I am waiting for them to call me back for my screenings, in a cape with pink and purple flowers. Not the cape I ever thought Sexy Cat Woman would wear, but a hospital cape. It makes more functional sense than a hospital gown for breast examination, but it also lends the idea that the woman wearing it is a heroine. Maybe not me personally, but it makes me think of all the woman battling cancer, fighting for their lives, who have previously worn the very cape I am wearing. They are all heroines, whether they won or lost their battle. In their honor, I am proud to be wearing the real cape of courage as I write this blog.

Here is my words of comfort list, from Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists Project. I encourage you do the same list and join me each week, with a new list of self-discovery. You can share and upload your list on her website. Also comment here, with the title of your list, if you post one on her site. I would love for all of us to be able to share and encourage one another!



Mid Year’s Resolutions…Let’s Get Cookin’

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I cooked dinner last night…

I cook as often as I watch Nascar and play golf…that would be never. Let’s just say, making reservations is more familiar to me than making dinner.

To the men in my life, past, present and future…I truly cared for you if I ever cooked for you and made it look like something I enjoyed doing.

Cooking twice a week was one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013. I spend a ridiculous amount of money eating out, so ridiculous that I am embarrased to reveal the dollar amount (higher than $200, less than $900). It is one of my favorite hobbies and I justify my eating out as I am not a huge spender on other things, but regardless, I need to start cooking more and spending less. Besides, I do have plans to purchase a home later this year and what a shame it would be if I don’t have enough money to close on my house because I ate out too much. Needless to say…I need to cook more.

The New Year’s resolution to cook twice a week became a forgotten wish sometime in February. However, I must remind myself that it is NEVER too late to start something new or follow through on a goal that has lost its place of importance. Similar to diets, just because I started a new eating regimen on a Sunday and overate on Tuesday, doesn’t mean I have a free pass to be glutenous until the following Sunday because I already wrecked my diet and am convinced that clean eating is only effective if I start doing it on the first day of the week (yes, I have thought that way and so have you I’m sure). Neglected New Year’s resolutions can be revived anytime of the year and a new goal does not have to have a perfect starting point. So here I go again, my Mid Year’s resolution is to cook at least twice a week, every week, until the day I die!

If you need dinner ideas, feel free to email me and ask me what I have cooked for the week…God knows I need the accountability and we could both benefit!

This is not a food blog, so do not expect me to always share everything I cook, but do be mindful that when I do cook, AND blog about it, you better believe it was something healthy and worth the effort. So consider this a treat…my gift to you. I am into one pot meals because I can’t fathom the effort of preparing a bunch of side dishes, so this is super easy and healthy! In fact, it is so healthy that you will feel light and energetic almost immediately after consumption. You may thank me post the party in your mouth!

Christen’s Quinoa and Shrimp

1 cup of quinoa (cook with 2 cups of water)

In a skillet combine:
2 tbs olive oil
1/4 red onion
4-6 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 inch of grated, fresh ginger

Cook on low/medium for about 7 minutes

4 chopped dates or 1/4 cup of golden raisins
1/2 lb of cooked medium sized shrimp

Cover until shrimp is hot. Remove from the heat and stir in:
1/2 cup of chopped parsley and basil
squeeze the juice of half a lemon

I used my wrought iron skillet. I have found it produces the best flavors. This meal pairs well with a glass of Pinot Grigio!

Bon Appétit!

Christen's Quinoa and Shrimp
Christen’s Quinoa and Shrimp

I Am My Mother’s Daughter

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In my adolescence, goldfish and hamsters were the only pets my mother and father allowed. One beautiful afternoon, I moved the fish bowl to a sunny, bay window in the kitchen. The sun beaming through a fish bowl with golden fish was almost as beautiful as a sunset. In the name of beauty and because of my early appreciation for aesthetics, I killed them. It would be years until I was allowed a “real” pet. Finally, on my 9th birthday after years of begging, my parents caved and gave me my first cat, Missy.

Missy and my mother were inseparable; Missy and I were inseparable. Those are the later memories of my mother. Missy by her side in her bed. We loved our cat! I am definitely my mother’s daughter!

I remember my mom keeping a journal as she discovered the therapeutic qualities of writing. She chronicled her daily thoughts and feelings as she was battling cancer. I remember reading her journal shortly after she died. As I read through it, the early pages read clearly in her beautiful handwriting, but the later pages were harder to read. As she grew weaker, it was harder for her to stabilize the pen and her handwriting looked shaky. In her barely legible writing, she wrote thanks to God, “Thank you God, that I still have my eyesight and that I can still write.” On another day, she wrote, “Thank you God that I still have my senses. Even though I am losing my eyesight, I can still hear, think and carry on a conversation.”

The memories of reading the positive words of my dying mother always makes me check my attitude. She is proof, that regardless of what we are going through, it is up to us if we want to be happy and joyful, or hate life because of our circumstances. Despite her inevitable death, my mother loved life and realized everything she had to be thankful for. I am without her today and everyday, it hurts sometimes, but WOW..I am blessed! I have the most amazing sister, the greatest friends on earth and a father who loves me and is still alive. My family in Panama is dear to me, I have a job that I love and a mother who still guides my thoughts and decisions. Thank you, God, for the abundance you have blessed me with.

Unlike me, my mother never would have been a blogger because the internet only brought her confusion and frustration. She could never tell the difference between typing a web address in a browser and typing something into a search, no matter how many times I showed her. The Chrome browser would have solved this problem for her. Nevertheless, she enjoyed writing and was also a great artist in her early days…she loved painting and drawing. My uncle, who paints with oils, was taught by my mother…again, I am my mother’s daughter.

She had a temper, liked to throw shoes at me when I upset her, loved to laugh, but when she cried, hysteria set in and she couldn’t stop…yes, I am much the same, I am my mother’s daughter :-)

Sometimes I can hear her in my ear, telling me that she thinks something I am doing is “stupid” or that I am wasting my energy on something or someone. I can also hear her telling me that I am beautiful and that I will always be her little girl (as she told me the night we discovered she was terminally ill). I can hear her warning me not to marry a Latino, to focus on my career, to put God first and then will the right man pursue me. I can hear her telling me that something I am wearing is unflattering, that my hair is frizzy, or the opposite, that she thinks I look bella! She never held back what was on her mind, good or bad, she was an open book…I get this from her. I am so my mother’s daughter!

It is Sunday afternoon, my mother would be prepping and doing her lesson plans for school tomorrow, in great detail. Regardless of the years of teaching experience she had, she never felt that she was prepared enough. I am feeling the need to do the same for my Cash Handling class tomorrow…I am my mother’s daughter in so many ways and proud to be.

In loving memory of my mother, Mayra Yadira Burden Luna, have a wonderful Mother’s Day! May your day be filled with love and moments that will one day make beautiful memories…







Blogging, Picking Up Men with Cats and More!

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When I am down, stressed or confused, I tend to hide from my blog. I do this because I feel like my blog has been a portrayal of the fun and witty side of me. I have always wanted to sustain that image…even when I feel quite the opposite. Despite these feelings, something hit me this morning. It was almost like God speaking to me through the story of another blogger. What a revelation that is in itself! Isn’t that what blogging, sharing and community are all about anyway? What good is a personal blog if you cannot identify and connect with the author?
As suggested by a friend, I picked up a copy of Somerset Life magazine and was reading an article by blogger and photographer, Susannah Conway. Her article was about her journey away and then back to London after the death of her lover. Though I personally have not experienced the death of a lover in this sense, I could identify with her feelings of nostalgia and her struggles putting old ghosts to rest. I can say that I have felt like this in my own town, reminded of certain significant relationships. I also feel like this every time I go to Panama. I think about my mother every time I visit, replaying events in my mind like an old home video.
At the end of the article she talks about having overcome the anxiety and insomnia that accompanied this deep tragedy and the lessons she learned along the way. The lesson that I learned after reading her article is that I can’t be afraid to write, even when I feel that I have nothing uplifting to say. I can’t be afraid of who is reading my blog nor can I be afraid to be judged by my writing (or the fact that I own a blog called SexyCatWoman.com). From now on, this blog is an extension of me, my sorrows and my victories. I am never going to be negative, because even when things don’t go my way, there is a bigger lesson to be learned. My responsibility to those in my life and to you that read my blog, is to share these lessons so that you too can identify and learn with me, just as I did with Susannah Conway.

With this said, I feel obligated to catch you up and mention some things I have been afraid to speak about. I will keep this short and to the point. Is the suspense killing you? Her is my life in a nutshell, since my last post:

January: New Years Eve, I was newly single as was my friend Suzy. It was an interesting evening; we were out late at a bar, feeling completely out of our element. I met a nice, good-looking guy from New York that wooed me with his charm, intelligence and awesome hair! That all went down the toilet when I realized 3 martinis later that he had a horrible lisp…I am not being mean, but when a lisper says to you, “I have a hot body underneathe thisth thirt,” the sexual attraction is shot, DEAD! I missed Mike immensely that evening. Lesson? I hate meeting guys at bars so I need to stop meeting guys at bars. The end! If you are like me and I’m sure you are since we are friends and such…learn from me! You can meet a man anywhere else…

Suzy and I

February: Mike and I tried to work things out, it didn’t work. Why? I am not perfect, he is not perfect and no one ever will be, but when a relationship gets run over by a dump truck, like ours did, and is hanging on by a thread in need of some serious rehabilitation, the “rehab phase” is critical! Just like an old, injured bird, the relationship is weak…even a small seed falling on it could kill it. Let’s just say, some stones fell on ours…
Lesson? People typically don’t change. You can only be a better person to yourself and to those you love because you want to be a better person. No one else can influence this change, but you and the one who made you.

End of February: Owen learned how to open a door like a person. Self-taught…my kitty is very educated :-)


March: I picked up a man with my cat. It was a Sunday night 9:30 P.M, the eve of Owen’s 7th Birthday. Owen, sitting ont he rug in the living room, looked like he was choking on his own tongue. Against his will, I apprehensively shoved his furry body into his carrier. I rushed him to the Animal Emergency Hospital to find that Owen had a piece of weather stripping, from the door he had recently learned how to open, caught in his mouth. After the removal of this styrofoam and $200.00 dollars later, I was happy Owen remained alive and with us, but extremely inconvenienced. I shoved his furry little ass back into his carrier, put him in the car…and by golly my car would not start! Seriously, I wanted to murder someone. I called AAA and frantically told the dispatcher that they needed to get someone out to me quickly because I HAD AN ANIMAL IN MY CAR! Not knowing whether or not the dramatization of my situation would hurry things up, they quickly dispatched a very handsome, rugged, fix-it man to save this damsel and her cat. He fixed the problem with my battery, we flirted, exchanged numbers, talked on the phone, went out, hung out some more, he wanted for me to be his girlfriend, we made it official, life is good!

The crap that was caught in Owen’s mouth…and the night I met HIM!

April: Something is unsettling about AAA man. I talk to him about what I am feeling. He listens to me, seems to understand, so I give it a chance…Even though I feel he may not be ready for a relationship, I give him the “benefit of the doubt.” The second I do, he backs out. Done! I’m dumbfounded, but slightly relieved. I should have listened to my gut.
Lesson? Your gut feeling is NEVER wrong. Darn the person that came up with that saying, “benefit of the doubt!” What does that even mean? Stupid!
On a lovelier note, my good friend, Ashley, married the love of her life this past weekend. I am beyond excited for her! She has been my hope and inspiration through the past 6 months of my life. Love you, my Ashley!

Ashley and Tony

May: My month has started on a good note. Today is my dear friend, Joelle’s Birthday, Happy Birthday Joelle!
I was off work today, so I started my day with Oxford Exchange, banana-nut waffles, a capuccino, a good book and me…


On an ending note, remember that the days of our lives are meant to be shared. We were put on this earth to love and learn from one another. It is my goal that you recognize yourself in me…(even if you have a cat phobia) and can learn from my own crazy life experiences! I hope that you feel “caught up” now :-)




Christmas Songs I Hated As A Child…And Still Hate

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Before I get stared on this post, I feel the need to proclaim my love for this holiday…I <3 Christmas! With that said, my hormones and inner Christmas child have taken over and have gotten me thinking about all the Christmas songs I’ve ever hated…past, present and future. Here, I present to you my top 6. There are more than 6, but I’d be here all day writing about them. There is no order here, I hate them all equally…

1. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer- Gene Autry
I always hated this song because it made me sad for poor, bullied Rudolph! The other reindeer laughed at him, wouldn’t play with him…and then all of a sudden because it’s foggy one night, they need him to guide them?? What a load of crap! Rudolph should have body-slammed his two-faced reindeer friends on the side of a skyscraper by taking a sharp turn in the opposite direction…while blaming it on the fog. That’s what I would’ve done!

2. Santa Baby- Madonna
This is such a “whorrible” song! As a little girl that knew nothing yet about her own sexuality, this song confused, brought discomfort and made me rethink Santa’s character. Slutty Santa songs just don’t jive with me. Madonna, why don’t you go hit on the Easter Bunny instead. He’ll bring presents directly to your bed…sounds more up your ally.

3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus- Tommy Connor (writer)
Again, trauma!!! As a child, who believed her parents were happily married, who believed in Santa AND who also thought kissing was gross…what questions and uncertainty this song stirred in me! Why in Heaven’s name would mommy, a married woman, kiss Santa?? Watch out because Santa Claus is apparently a home-wrecker!

4. Little Saint Nick- The Beach Boys
Nothing against the Beach Boys and the irritating nature of this song, but it is the Beach Boys! They do not bring out any feelings of Christmas whatsoever, and then a stupid song to add to the chaos! Listening to them sing makes me want to take a dive in the ocean…listening to them sing this song makes want to drown in the ocean.

5. Jingle Bell Rock- Bobby Helms
Bobby Helms, congrats for writing the most annoying song ever written! I know I said I hated each of these songs equally, but I lied…this one takes the cake! Studies have proven that listening to this song kills brain cells and lowers the IQ. Jingle bell time, is the right time…to rock this song out of existence!

6. The Chipmunk Song/ Christmas Don’t Be Late- Alvin and the Chipmunks
…I don’t feel the need to say anything more. Though, I have to give the writers some credit for creating a song that one cannot get out of their head after listening to it only once. It’s quite powerful!

To end on a positive note, my all time favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night, especially the way Mariah Carey sings it. More than any other song, this song represents the authentic meaning of Christmas and the greatest gift ever given! It is not a coincidence that the better Christmas songs are about the Christ in Christmas…those songs could never get old.

That concludes my list. There is much more in store for the new year, in my personal life and in my blog world, so stay tuned!

To all of my sexy friends and readers: Owen and I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013! Till next time.

Lots of Love,



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